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Mullins Park-Large Turf Fields

  1. Address

    10180 NW 29th St
    Coral Springs, FL 33065

    Sub Locations

    1. Turf 1 Near Pool End
    2. Turf 2-50 Yard Line
    3. Turf 3-Corner Back Left Corner
    4. Turf 4-50 Yard

    Mullins Park-Large Turf Fields


    Mullins is the largest park in Coral Springs. Facilities include basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pool, volleyball courts, picnic pavilions, as well as soccer, baseball, softball, and artificial turf football fields. Mullins Park is a center of activity for sports leagues and outdoor activities throughout the year.

    Mullins Park-62 acres

    • 8 football/soccer fields (1 is artificial turf)
    • 4 baseball/softball fields
    • 7 basketball courts
    • 2 tennis courts
    • 1 sand volleyball court
    • 1 playground
    • 1 swimming pool
    • The Coral Springs History Museum and Volunteer Services office are also located in Mullins Park.

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